Looking for a solution to your V pattern and overlapping? Take a look at Intellidrive, electric drive for air seeders. With variable rate seeding and automatic row shut off, Intellidrive gives you a great advantage over the original ground drive system.  ISO compatible. We are your northern Indiana dealer for the Intellidrive system. Call us today for a quote! 

Elite Planter & Drill Monitor

From Loup Electronics comes the Elite Monitor series. Touchscreen display now compatible with Fieldview™.  This display can be used as a direct replacement for KPM II and KPM III monitors. This versatile monitor can be used as a drill, planter, or yield monitor in virtually any combine. Call us today for a quote! 

HEADSIGHT Harvesting Solutions

Headsight offers anything from basic header control to row guidance. Sensors and systems available for virtually any combination of combine or head. With the best in conversion kits there are a multitude of options to help your bottom line.  

FarmTRX™ Yield Mapping

FarmTRX™ yield monitors are a simple to use tablet interfaced yield monitor. With this yield monitor there is no need to purchase an expensive display, simply use your tablet or phone that you already have. This system easily installs in most any machine no matter the brand or year. System can also be ran in conjunction with most all other OEM systems. Easy wireless data transfer directly to the web with your already automatically refined yield map. Call us for a quote today! 

Planter & Raven Monitors

Having trouble with your monitor or just need to add an extra one? We have basic JD planter monitors and Raven dry/liquid monitors in stock. We can send your monitor to be fixed and will loan you one of ours until yours is ready. If you are needing to add a monitor check our online store or give us a call to see what we have in stock. 

GPS Equipment

From lightbars to complete touchscreen auto steer components we can supply you with your needs. We have used technology moving daily. Let us know if you are looking for anything from John Deere, Trimble, Ag Leader, Precision Planting, Outback and more. Check our inventory or give us a call! 

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