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New 16'-18'-20' Treated Hay Racks

Brand new hay racks built with all treated lumber

$1,050 & UP


Gorman-Rupp 64A2-G Irrigation Pump

Works but seal leaks, Comes with new seal



Fence Line Feeder

New 8' Fence Line Feeder, Constructed with a heavy duty 2 inch square tube frame & 12 gauge steel


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HD Bunk Feeder

Constructed with a heavy duty 2 inch square tube frame & 12 gauge steel, Entry door allows for quick & easy clean out



RTP Outdoors Gensesis No-Till Drill

Genesis No-Till Drill, Available in 3, 5, 8, and 10 Models, Small Seed Box and Wheel Kits 


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JD Dry Fertilizer

New JD Dry Fertilizer Transmission for 1750, 3 available



New 2022 Horst CHCF Header Cart

4WS, Black, 11L-15 Tires, Available in 36 and 45 ft models

$12,250 &UP


STS Combine Grain Tank Extensions

Good Usable extensions with handrail



Tub Feeder

In Stock Sizes Available of 8',10', and 12'

$1,300 & UP


John Deere 643 Cornhead

PTO Shaft Hook up, New chains, New Deck plates, New Sprockets, Like new Rolls, Nice Head Ready for Fall, Adapter plate for Case-IH available



2021 Market Landscape Roller

New 6' roller, 2" Ball hitch and manual lift wheel kit, 16" steel drum, 1300 lbs empty weight


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JD Combine Heavy Duty Reverser

Used Feederhouse Reverser Gearbox, Removed off 9660STS, Works as it should, Fits 60-70-S Series Combines without High Torque



New 2022 Horst Wagon Gears

Red, 11L-15 Tires, Available in 8 & 10 Ton 

$2,300 & UP


Snyder 525 Gallon Tank

Used for water and 28 Nitrogen, Comes with mounting brackets, Missing Lid



Double Bar Feeder

New 7'x8' Double Bar Feeder, 20 openings, Constructed with a heavy duty 2 inch square tube frame & 12 gauge steel, "V" floor design ensures easy feed flow to outside of feeder



Demco 500 Big Wheel Sprayer

60' Booms, 20" Nozzle Spacing, 3 Section Shutoff, Rinse tank, Foamer w/ controller, Hydraulic up/down and wing tilt, Manual Fold booms, Adjustable tread width, Tires 50%


hitch plate_edited.jpg

2021 HLA 3PH Adapter

New, 3-Point Hitch Skid Steer Adapter, Adapts skid steer to three point, CAT 1 or 2, Quick Hitches available separate 


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